Taking On Birds With Bow Hunting

Everybody knows that we love bird hunting here. There are a lot of ways to go about that, however. It can be stale doing the same old tried and true thing all of the time, so once in a while why not mix things up some? To do this, we had our fill of bow hunting.

Why hunt birds with bows though? The challenge. Shooting with a bow is entirely different than shooting with a gun. It takes us more effort to aim, to shoot accurately, and is in general much harder to get the kill. You have to up your game in every area to succeed with a bow.

The biggest change I found when doing this is the distance required for a clean shot. I in generally needed to be much closer when hunting, as an arrow doesn’t have the same velocity as a bullet. You need to get much closer since the arrow will often times arc if you are too far away. You can minimize this though by picking out the right hunting bow.

First of all, pick something that blends in. Nothing stands out more than a single bright color sitting over in the brush. That will spook just about anything. Pick up a bow that has a camo cover and save yourself some hassle. With that out of the way – make sure to check they FPS rating for the bow. The higher this is the further your arrow will be able to travel without losing it’s height. Depending on the bow though this can come at the cost of accuracy. So make sure you are very skilled, or pick an option that has great stabilization with it.

You also want your bow to be quiet. With a gun, there is just one quick shot. There isn’t much time for your mark to really react. With a bow, you don’t want to make much noise when you are drawing your string back getting ready to shoot. Make sure that you pick something that is quiet as well as smooth

These are just some of the basic things to look for that every hunter will want. Most of the others are going to be dependent on your abilities and size, so be sure to do your research into each bow and it’s qualities. What is good for one person may not be good for you, so do your homework!